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Integrity Professor

IntegPro’s affiliate the “Israeli Scientific Investigation Academy” specializes since 1984 in the training of government, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and corporate clients in the following areas: Occupational Delinquency, Integrity Program and Projects, Integrity Interview, Criminal Interview and Interrogation, Polygraphy and Detection of Deception.   

Specialized workshops and seminars, comprising of lectures and courses are taught worldwide to human resource personnel, security department personnel, criminalinvestigators and lawyers. From North, Central and South America all to way through to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Graduates (see partial list of organizations) of the courses are very appreciative of the instructions and mention is made time and again of the invaluable benefits gained professionally by having attended even the shortest of workshops. (see feed backform)


The Academy offers training in the following;


Seminars and Workshops


Candidates’ Integrity Interview

           15 hrs. Training for Human Resource and Security Department personnel

           For training syllabus go to – Link


Criminal Interview & Interrogation

           30 hrs. Training for Law Enforcement & Security Departments personnel

           For training syllabus go to – Link


Advanced Interrogation

          20 hrs. Training for Law Enforcement & Security Departments personnel

          For training syllabus go to – Link


Polygraph Course

          425 hrs. Training for Law Enforcement & Security                     Departments personnel For training syllabus go to – Link



(All lectures are from one to five hours presentation)


Occupation Delinquency

Integrity Program & Projects

Candidates Integrity Selection

Employees Integrity Monitoring

Organizational Risk Mapping

Integrity Interview

First Impression - Snap Judgment

Detection of Deception

Lie Detection Instruments